The advertising aluminum composite panel is made of Southwest Aluminum 3000 and 5000 series, Qilu Petrochemical special composite, American DUPONP polymer film, and American PPG coating with fluorocarbon content of more than 70%. The annual output is 4 million m2.
Advertising aluminum- composite panels have the following characteristics:

1. Small quality
The aluminum composite panel is composed of aluminum and a composite core material with a relatively small density. Therefore, compared with aluminum (or other metals) with the same rigidity or the same thickness, its quality is smaller than that of glass and stone. much smaller.
2. Good rigidity
The aluminum composite panel skillfully utilizes the mechanical principle of the I-beam structure, and ingeniously endows it with unique mechanical properties. In addition, the aluminum composite panel is compounded under high temperature conditions, and the two-layer aluminum plate of the aluminum plate is in a certain position during the whole processing process. Under the tension state, after forming and cooling, due to the difference in shrinkage between the upper and lower symmetrical aluminum plate and the core material, the stable internal stress of the plate is formed and has good rigidity. Compared with the single-layer aluminum plate, its elastic limit is larger, it is not easy to deform, and it can maintain good flat performance for a long time under the natural state without too much external force.
3. Rich colors and strong decoration
The surface of the aluminum composite panel can be made into various colors to carry out pattern designs that match all uses. In addition, it also uses photocopying technology to simulate the pattern of granite, wood grain and metal, etc., and provides precise texture and high-quality pattern design that cannot be obtained in monochrome. Rich colors and pattern designs meet the coordination requirements of different environments, make different architectural styles adapt to the environment, and the selected colors are in harmony with the environment, achieving perfect unity in the overall artistic effect, giving people a bright and soft feeling. visual enjoyment. The curtain wall decorated with aluminum composite panels is not inferior to the gorgeous glass curtain wall and elegant stone curtain wall. Under the sunlight, its layers are gorgeous and dignified, while avoiding light pollution.
4. High surface smoothness
Aluminum composite panels are produced by continuous thermal compound production process, so compared with single-material metal panels, their surface flatness is high, especially for large-sized panels. For building decoration, it has a seamless and flat appearance.

5. Good durability
The aluminum composite panel adopts the metal and core material thermal composite technology, and the bond is firm. The surface coating is made of different materials according to the different use environments. Generally, three types of coatings are used, namely fluorocarbon coatings, polyester coatings, and acrylic coatings. Among them, fluorocarbon coatings, polyester coatings, and acrylic coatings. Carbon coatings have better weather resistance and are mostly used in curtain wall decoration and specific occasions. Experimental studies have shown that they can be used for more than 20 years in harsh outdoor environments.
6. Good processability
Aluminumcomposite panels are composited of aluminum and composite, easy to cut, punch, grooving, bending, etc., and can be processed with special processing equipment for aluminum or wood. Therefore, not only can it be processed in the production plant, but the proposed composite panels can be processed on site.