There are many types of aluminum composite panels and good decoration

Coated decorative aluminum composite panel

Various decorative coatings are applied to the surface of the aluminum plate. Acrylic coatings are generally used, mainly including metallic colors, plain colors, pearlescent colors, fluorescent colors and other colors, which have decorative effects and are common varieties in the market.

Oxidation colored aluminum composite panel

The aluminum alloy panel is processed in time by anodic oxidation, and has unique colors such as rose red and bronze, which have a special decorative effect.

Film decorative composite panel

That is to use the color pattern film according to the set process conditions and rely on the action of the adhesive to make the color pattern film adhesive stick on the primer-coated aluminum plate or directly on the degreased aluminum plate. The main varieties are gang grain, wood grain board and so on.

Color printed aluminum composite panel

Through advanced computer phototypesetting printing technology, various imitation patterns are printed on the transfer paper with colored inks, and then various imitation patterns are indirectly printed on the aluminum-plastic board through thermal transfer technology. It can meet the designer’s creativity and the owner’s personalized choice.