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Before you start to buying acp panels, there are 5 points you need to pay attention to. Because sometimes we meet some customers who are not sure what type of acp panel is suitable for them. If you still can not figure out, please don't worry, we can help you.

1. Weather condition
This is the most import point you need to notice, because the aluminum composite panel performance is different towards different weather condition.

2. Design
Prior to hiring professional assistance it is important to determine the style you want to achieve. You need to plan the design you want in the interior and exterior section of the residence, once you have a design plan, you need a supplier like us to provide you customize service and strictly manufacture acp panels according to your plan.

3. Sustainable
No one want to buy acp panel which is difficult to maintains. So choosing high quality acp panel is important.

4. Budget
It is also important to consider whether you have enough budget to buy acp panel. If your budget is limit, you might desire to find some cost-effective Aluminum Composite Panel Manufacturer.

5. Provider
If you are planning to complete a project, or you are acp panel distributors, finding a correct Aluminum Composite Panel Manufacturer is very important to your project or your business success. In fact, we are factory which is focus on providing high quality acp panels for many years, we can provide our new customers with reasonable factory price, actually, it is also depends on the quantity, more quantity then lower price.

Featured Aluminum Composite Panels Of Alusign

Basic Company Information of Taizhou Kingertai Decoration Material Co., Ltd.

Business Type Manufacturer & Wholesaler & Exporter
Primary Advantages Experienced R & D Department, Good Financial Position & TQM, Large Product Line, Large Production Capacity, OEM Capability, Provide Customized Solutions
Primary Services Logo Customize Offered, Design Service Offered, OEM Service Offered .......
Products Manufacturing and Trading of aluminum composite panels
Quality Measures / Technique  Yes, we have strict quality testing system, professional technical staff and world-class production line
Certifications ISO9001, SGS, CE, ASTME84, E119, NFPA285, EU EN13501
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Why Choose Alusign Aluminum Composite Panel Manufacturer ?

Industry Preferred Brand

✓ focusing on R&D and production of aluminum composite panel for 15 years
✓ aim at reaching world-class quality standard and satisfy each customer
✓ high-quality materials, exquisite production line, and environmental friendly products

Aluminum Composite Panel Manufacturer

Aluminum Composite Panel Manufacturer

Competitive Price, Leaving The Biggest Profit to You

✓ factory direct sell without any dealers
✓ cost-effective, transaction assured, free design, free measurement
✓ choose the Alusign brand aluminum composite panel, it will not fade for ten years and no deformation


Strong R&D,Strict Quality Control

✓ Alusign passed the world's authoritative agencies' testing
✓ has professional and technical R&D team
✓ strict quality inspection for each production process


Aluminum Composite Panel Manufacturer

Excellent Customer Service

✓ if there is any problem, Alusign will solve it in the first time
✓ fast delievery, sampling service available, installation suggestion
✓ choose the Alusign brand aluminum composite panel, and we will never let you down !


Our Advantages

1.Aluminum Source: South West Aluminum Factory
2.Painting Source: PPG&BECKER
3.PE core Material: Non-toxicand low-density Polyethylene
4.Payment Term: TT, LC at sight and D/P
5.Production Capability: 250000SQM/Month
6.More Service: OEM, Samples free(samples will be sent in one day time )
7.Feature Super peeling strength/ Good temperature adaptability/ Excellent performance of fireproof/ Weather proof/ Quickly installed/ Excellent self-cleaning character

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