In our daily life, everywhere can be seen,the exterior walls of the building, billboards, booth and other places are used aluminum composite panel, which is a new decorative material. Aluminum composite panel manufacturers will conduct basic classification according to its scope of use, methods of use, and surface decoration effects. Here we will take a look at the classification of surface decoration effects.

Coating decorative aluminum plastic board

Various decorative coatings are applied to the surface of the aluminium plastic sheet, Alusign aluminum composite panel are generally used in indoor scenes. Therefore, Polyester and Acrylic Coatings are commonly used. They mainly include metallic color systems, monochromatic systems, and pearlescent systems which are the most common types in the market.

Oxidized color aluminum composite panel

The aluminum composite panels were dealed with by adoptting anodic oxidation in time, they can be rose red, bronze and other unique colors. This series of products usually have some mirror reflection effect, which has a special decorative effect.

Laminated decorative composite board

Alusign Aluminium Composite Panel adopts the role of macromolecule binder in Polaroid Green PET color film, and it is thermally compounded on aluminum plastic board.The main series are grain series, wood grain series, abstract series, flowers and plants series and so on.

Brushed aluminum composite panel

Adopt the aluminium composite panel that the surface is dealed with brushed silk processing, common products are gold drawing silk and silver drawing silk, give people different visual enjoyment.

Mirror aluminium composite panel

The surface of the aluminium composite panel is polished to look like a mirror.  It is very important for many industries that different series of aluminium composite panel will give people a different feeling on the vision.

Therefore, choosing aluminium composite panel of Alusign with different surface decoration effect will produce different image representation to decorative carrier.