Research & Development

To ensure that Alusign was continue to provide high quality products to the market, our comapny has set up an creative team, including professor-level senior engineers and professional technical staff. we have introduced world-class R&D and manufacturing system. Alusign has fully adopt advanced technology of aluminum composite panel industry to form a powerful R&D system, and quickly apply it to production process. Alusign has also cooperated with national famous universities and research institutes, such as Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, Xi’an Jiaotong University, in order to strenghen our ability of manufacturing technology innovation. The following process procedure was the best research result of Alusign  R&D team

1. Chemical Transformation Line

The chemical transformation line acts as a layer of cleaning lubricant on the surface of the rolled aluminum roller to suppress the lubricating oil, grease and various dirt during the rolling process, and removes impurities such as silicon, magnesium and copper on the surface of the aluminum material. Alusign selects Henkel's high-quality chemical raw materials and technology to transform the surface of aluminum coils to form a dense cellular honeycomb oxide film on the surface of aluminum coils. The paint and aluminum coils are tightly combined together through this medium, which has good adhesion.

2. Precisie Coating Line

The precision coating line is a rolled aluminum roll that can be used to paint a variety of paints.  We adopts the internationally advanced precision three-roll reverse roller coating machine to perform precise coating in a closed and dust-free state, so that the coating film thickness and the appearance quality of the coating are well controlled; the oven is divided into four zones to control temperature and bake, The coating's solvent resistance, hardness, and flexibility are all ideal. It has great adhesion and corrosion resistance.

3. Continuous Heat Paste Composite Line

Continuous heat-bonded composite wire is the key equipment for the forming of aluminum composite board. Its role is to firmly bond the aluminum material, PE core material and polymer film under the action of continuous high heat and high pressure to form a flat board surface. Alusign chooses imported polymer film, relying on advanced equipment, perfect technology, and strict control, so that aluminum composite panel has superior peeling degree, which has surpassed the internationally famous brand's targets.