choose aluminum composite panel

The common specification of aluminum composite panel is 1.22Mx2.44M, and the thickness is 3-5MM. It is divided into single and double sides. According to the thickness of aluminum skin, there are 8 wires and 30 wires and other specifications. It is divided into two kinds for outdoor use and outdoor use, as well as polyester board and stencil carbon board. If it is an outdoor board, it can be customized and can be up to 6M long.

Marble Aluminum Composite Panel

The following seven points are worth paying attention to:

1. whether the aluminum composite panel surface is smooth, no ripples, bubbling, splashing, scratches.
2. Measure whether the aluminum composite panel meets the international requirements, the inner wall board is 3mm, the outer wall board is 4mm or more, and the thickness of the aluminum must be 0.5mm.
3, Folding a corner of aluminum composite panel, easy to break is not PE material or doping to make false.
4, Burning aluminum composite panel intermediate material, the real PE is completely burning, doping makes false after burning impurities.
5. When the groove is bent, see if the front is broken.
6. Discard the butanone discriminate the fluorocarbon coating on the outer wall board. Drip the xylene to identify the inner wall board coating. After 5 minutes, wipe off the reagent and see if it is exposed.
7. Ask the manufacturer quality inspection report, warranty book, ISO-9002 international quality certification, have these manufacturers are regular manufacturers, can guarantee product quality, the same price than quality, the same quality than price.

Alusign brand aluminum composite panel

Alusign brand aluminum composite panel has passed the China Quality Certification Center 3C product certification,China Building Materials Inspection and Certification Center CTC product certification and EU safety CE certification. Alusign brand aluminum composite panel are the only ones in the industry that have obtained the “international standard product marks” issued by the National Standardization Management Committee. Alusign passed the world’s authoritative testing agencies Switzerland SGS, British INTERTEK and Singapore PSB testing, which has reached ASTME84, E119, NFPA285, EU EN13501 and British BS476standards.