Step one: Anodized

Step one: Anodized , Among the methods of color painted Aluminum Composite Panel surface treatment, anodized was adopted earlier. But its color type is few, the color is generally limited to aluminum,bronze and deep bronze. In addition, the Aluminum Composite Panel may have different contents in different bulk. The aluminum panel is easy to have different degrees of color difference in the conditions of irregular stripes in rolling process and unsuccessful control of Oxidation crafts.

Step two: Electrostatics powder coatings

Step two: Electrostatics powder coatings, it generally use pure polyester powder coating which is suitable for being used in outdoor, and this coating has good outdoor durability, its cost is also close to the cost of anodic oxidation. It is a middle - grade exterior wall paint. Its weather resistance ability is usually five to ten years.

Step three: Fluorocarbon coating

Step three: Fluorocarbon coating, it is a kind of weather-proof overlay coating suitable for building external wall. This overlay coating is really tough, it has smooth surface and excellent abilities of weather resistance,air pollution resistance and ultraviolet radiation resistance. Its color is colorful, and can keep the color bright as new for a long time, it is extremely decorative and expressive.

Step Four: Roller coating process

Step Four: Roller coating process, the roller coating production line of color painted aluminum panel has the features of good continuity, efficient, high output, easy quality control, good quality, high utilization of raw materials and coatings, little waste, energy-saving, low color coating cost , good economic benefits and less pollution. However, because the PVDF coating can produce gas spray, which has negative impact on the environment. Besides, the spray process will cause the waste of PVDF coating,even the coating thickness is uneven. Finally, the roller coating process gradually replaced the spraying process.