Excellent Fireproof - Aluminum Corrugated Core Panel

Aluminum Corrugated Core Panel ACCP is the updated product from aluminum honeycomb panel and aluminum composite panel. Aluminum corrugated core panel is firmer and lighter than aluminum honeycomb panel with lower price. Besides, compare with aluminum composite panel, aluminum corrugated core panel fireproof strength is much better. There are no PE but aluminum, this is the reason why aluminum core composite panel is totally environmentally and fireproof. What's more, the appearance is various, no matter stone, wood or mirror could be processed. So Aluminum core composite panel could perfectly instead aluminum honeycomb panel and aluminum composite panel.

aluminum corrugated core panel
Aluminum Corrugated Composite Panel

Advantage of Aluminum Corrugated Core Panel Compared with Other Material

aluminum corrugated core panel

Sound Absorption Noise reducing. Due to the special designed V shape of core material , sound will reflect and decay passing the panel.
Weather Resistance.PVDF coating on surface has a perfect performance on weather resistance, thus can maintain the original color under tough environment.
Durability,The v shape design is a guarantee of the strength.
Light in weight,Compared to solid aluminum panel, this kind of structure is much lighter in a same size.
Recoverability, Totally made by aluminum, 100% recyble
Machinability,The structure is designed very easy to cut, connect, bend, etc, any processing method is available.
And the most important advantage of aluminum corrugated core panel is its excellent A2 grade fireproof ability and afforable price
Which is definity a better choice if building wall material of your project needs to be fireproof

aluminum corrugated core panel

Aluminum corrugated core panel applications

1) Building exterior curtain walls
2) Decoration reformation storey-addition for old buildings 
3) Decoration of interior walls,ceilings,bathrooms,kitchens and balconies
4) Shop’s door decoration
5) Advertisement boards,display platforms and signboards
6) Wallboards and ceilings for tunnel
7) Industrial material , vehicle and boat materials


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