The metal plate curtain has been used for decades, There are now three types of use, including aluminum veneer, aluminum composite panel and aluminum honeycomb panel .Of the three materials, the most commonly used are aluminum veneer and aluminum plastic panel. Aluminum veneer appeared first, and later in the late 1960s and early 1970s, the aluminum composite panel was invented in Germany and quickly became popular around the world.What is the difference between aluminum composite panel and aluminum veneer?Here I will make a simple comparison between the two materials.

The cost and the material

The aluminum veneer usually adopts the AA1100 pure aluminum board or AA3003 aluminum alloy panel with a thickness of 2-4mm.We usually use 2. 5mm thick AA3003 aluminum alloy plate.The aluminum composite panel adopts 3-4mm three-layer structure, including up and down two 0. 5mm aluminum with PVC or PE.The price in current market is about the 4mm thick composite board is less 120 yuan than the 2.5mm thick aluminum single board per square.For a one-thousand square project, the use of aluminum plastic sheets will cost about 1.2 million yuan less than aluminum sheets.

Machine processing

Currently, the fluorocarbon spraying and roller coating are adopted in the world.The processing of single board here is mainly about fluorocarbon spraying production.There are two main steps for spraying aluminum slabs:The first step is sheet metal processing. This process is mainly through the process of cutting, folding, bending, welding, grinding, etc., to process aluminum veneer into the shape and size required for construction.The second step is spraying. Spraying is the paint on the finished sheet metal.There are two kinds of spraying, one is artificial spray, the another is machine spray.Machine spray is generally only suitable for the rules of the plate, but this aluminum veneer is used less in actual, and most of the factories in China are using artificial spraying.Artificial spraying is a dangerous work, because the volatile and toxicity of paint is strong, it is easy to cause chronic benzene series poisoning, seriously affect the health of people.One of the advantages of artificial spraying is that the color can be selected regardless of the size of the amount.While the roller coating of the aluminum plastic plate must reach a certain amount.The process of the aluminum composite panel is more complicated than that of aluminum veneer, which mainly has the four working processes, such as deforming, coating, compound and trimming.These four processes are automated production except for trimming.From its processing, it can be seen that the aluminum composite panel has some advantages in environmental protection and safety.In addition the sheet metal processing process of aluminum veneer is simple,some private workshops have also started to dabble, which seriously affected the stability of the market quality of aluminum veneers.

Appearance and physical properties of the product

The experiment shows that the aluminum veneer has a lower appearance than that of aluminum compsite panel, but its mechanical properties are better than that of aluminum plastic plate, and its anti-wind pressure performance is better too.But in most areas,the value aluminum plastic plate is completely acceptable to its wind pressure, so the aluminum veneer is a little overqualified.

The construction process

The construction process of aluminum composite panel and aluminum veneer is generally the same.The biggest difference is that the aluminum plastic plates are processed into the desired shape and specifications at the site and have great construction freedom.And the aluminum sheet is in the manufacture factory. In terms of the guarantee of the delivery time, the bulk production of the aluminum composite plate is much faster than that of aluminum sheet, and the schedule of the construction period is also higher.

Other comparisons

1.Lightning protection feature

This question has been debated for a long time, and people really think that aluminum is pure aluminum, and it conducts electricity better.In response to this question, the company ALUSUISSESINGEN GMBH offers two kinds of anti-lightning tests in a military laboratory in Munich, Germany.The results show that, in the instantaneous impact of lightning strike, whether it is aluminum plastic or aluminum single board, can completely prevent lightning strike with the current wall connection mode. In the case of a lightning continuous current, the metal plate or the metal surface of the lightning can be easily dissolved.Due to the good insulation of the middle polyethylene core, the damage of the lightning strike is limited to the epidermis.From this point of view, aluminum composite board has better anti-lightning performance than aluminum slabs.

2.Fireproof characteristics

Aluminum veneer is not burning, which is known to everyone.The early aluminum moulds were not fireproof.However, with the development of the technology of aluminum plastic sheet, the production of fireproof aluminum composite panels has been greatly improved by adding non-toxic flame retardant materials to its PE.It has been fully satisfied with the need of engineering fire protection.

3. Residual value

Aluminum veneer has a certain residual value.But because of its high cost, the waste is much bigger than the aluminum composite panel which is almost no residual value.
To sum up, both of the aluminum veneer and the aluminum plastic composite board have their merits, but from the big point of view, the application of aluminum composite panel is more affordable and environmental protection.