Acp sheet price skill

1. According to the application, choose products with suitable acp sheet price and quality, including color, thickness (especially pay attention to the thickness of aluminum panels), coating types, core material quality, etc.

2. Visual inspection, whether the shape of the Aluminum composite panels straight, whether the surface is smooth, without ripples, bubbling, sheltering spots, and scratches.

3.Thickness standard, to measure whether the aluminum composite panel meets the international requirements, the thickness of the external wall panel is not less than 4mm, the thickness of the internal wall panel is not less than 3mm; the thickness of the aluminum panel used for the external wall panel is not less than 0.5mm, and the thickness of the aluminum panel used for the internal wall panel is not less than 0.2mm.

4. Material inspection, good aluminum-plastic panels are broken constantly or difficult to break; the ones that break easily are not PE materials or adulteration.

5. Batch selection. Try to buy products of the same production batch for the same project. Products of the same color and different batches will generally have a certain color difference, unless you do not pay attention to the effect of color difference when using, or use it in a foreseeable manner.

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6. Pay attention to whether there is any glue left when tearing the protective film. Long product storage time or raw material problems during production may cause the protective film to be glued.

7. Ask for a certificate. Ask for the manufacturer’s quality inspection report, quality assurance certificate, and ISO-9002 international quality certification. The manufacturers who own these are produced by regular manufacturers, which can guarantee the product quality, the same price is better than the quality, and the same quality is better than the price.

8. Try to buy products from reputable and well-known manufacturers, so that the quality is more guaranteed. The quality of some products cannot be seen by the naked eye, especially if there is a protective film on it, it is impossible to tear off the protective film for inspection before use.

How to distinguish the quality of  acp sheet

At present, the aluminum composite panel market is flooding the market with fake and inferior products. How to simply identify the quality of the aluminum composite panel:

1. Aluminum skin thickness: If the surface aluminum thickness is 0.5mm, the actual measurement should be 0.5mm aluminum thickness + fluorocarbon paint thickness 0.025mm=0.525mm (total aluminum surface thickness).

2. Fluorocarbon paint (PVDF): at least double-coated, with a layer of paint scraped off the surface and a layer of primer. Measure with a film thickness meter> 0.025mm. Wipe 200 times with butanone without revealing the bottom.

4. Polymer adhesive film: raw materials imported from the United States, tear off the aluminum skin, you will find that the aluminum skin and acp sheet are evenly distributed, fluffy white polymer, and the tensile force is more than 7N/nm.

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5. Soft plastic: semi-transparent, folded aluminum-plastic board, the aluminum skin will break, but the plastic will not break, and it can be pulled back and folded countless times.

6. Protective film: double-layer film, 0.09mm thick, tear off the protective film, feel stable.

Aluminum composite panel price

The price of acp panels varies greatly according to factors such as different manufacturers, different structures, different effects, and different origins.More acp panel price reference>>

Ordinary decorative acp panels can be produced from 1 mm to 8 mm in thickness. The most conventional aluminum-plastic panels for curtain walls are 3 mm and 4 mm; the thickness of aluminum-plastic panels for interior walls ranges from 0.03 mm to 0.50 mm, and the thickness is incrementally thickened every 0.02 or 0.05 mm, such as 0.03, 0.05, 0.06, 0.08…

The surface has more than ten kinds of brushed, mirrored, high-gloss, metallic, plain, textured, roller-coated wood grain, stone grain, artistic texture, color change, etc. Therefore, there are too many price breakdowns. The price range of acp panels is about 20 dollars for a cheap one and 60 dollars for an expensive one.