Is aluminum composite panels antibacterial or not ?


The hospital operating room is a place for patients to provide surgery and rescue, and is an important technical department of the hospital. Grasp the management of the four ways of surgical wound infection, namely: the air in the operating room of the hospital; the items needed for hospital surgery; the fingers of the doctor and nurse and the skin of the patient to prevent infection and ensure the success rate of the operation. The design is reasonable and well-equipped, and the nurses are responsive, quick, and efficient. The hospital operating room must have a strict and reasonable set of rules and regulations and aseptic operation specifications.

With the rapid development of surgical techniques, the operating room is becoming more modern. The decoration of the operating room of the hospital is also more and more stressful. There are many hospital operating rooms that will be decorated with aluminum-plastic panels. Does the aluminum-plastic panel have antibacterial effect? Also pay attention to those problems when decorating?

The problem to be noticed in the decoration:
1. Safe and non-toxic, environmentally friendly sheet
2. Special effects with antibacterial effect
3. Easy to clean and easy to install
4. Perfect pre-sales service

Aluminum composite panel decoration benefits:
1. The aluminum-plastic panel has obtained the non-toxic test certificate, which is the environmentally-friendly plate in the true sense.
2. The surface of the aluminum-plastic panel is compounded with PET color film, which has antibacterial effect and avoids the breeding of germs.
3. PET color film surface, easy to clean, aluminum plastic panel is easy to install, no need to wait for the taste after decoration
4. Factory direct sales, product quality is guaranteed, eliminating the difference between middlemen and saving costs.