Frosted Matt Acrylic Sheet

Quick Details:

  • Thickness: 0.8mm~50mm
  • Size: 2440x1220mm / 1830x1220mm, Max width 1250mm,length can be customized
  • Product name: Extruded acrylic sheet, transparent acrylic sheet, clear PMMA sheet
  • Color: Clear /transparent
  • Density: 1.2g/cm3

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    • Place of Origin:  China
    • Model Number:
    • Material: Acrylic
    • Thickness: 0.8mm~50mm
    • Size: 2440x1220mm / 1830x1220mm, Max width 1250mm,length can be customized
    • Product name: Extruded acrylic sheet, transparent acrylic sheet, clear PMMA sheet
    • Color: Clear /transparent
    • Density: 1.2g/cm3
    • Surface: Polished and protected by film or kraft
    • Usage: Lighting application,furniture,dispaly products
    • Processing Type: Extruded
    • Advantage: Shaping easily and good durablity
    • Packing: kraft paper packed then in woo

    Product Description

    1. Acrylic sheet, plexiglass ,PMMA sheet
    2. High quality,Transparent,
    3. weather resistance
    4. superior impact strength and high optical quality

    Acrylic sheet are widely used for engraving/advertisement sheets, instruments, parts of instrument, lamps, decorations,  airplanes, automobile fittings, medical appliances, work of arts, insulation materials for electrical appliances, specimen,  sign boards and various articles for light industry, culture, education and livelihood.


    Feature of Acrylic Sheet

    1.Good weather resistance.
    2.Can be molded and reprocessed.
    3.Widely usage, easy to dyeing and painting.
    5.High mechanical strength.
    6.Light weight.
    7.Good impact strength.
    8.Good Insulation feature, widely used for different electrical equipment.
    9.Good hard coating and scratch resistance
    10.Good chemical resistance, superior to most other plastic materials.
    11.Easy to clean and maintain.

    What is Acrylic?

    Acrylic sheet is named PMMA sheet, Plexiglass or Organic glass sheet. The Chemical name is Polymethyl methacrylate. Acrylic holds the physical properties among plastics due to the excellent transparency which sparkling &transparent like crystal,it is praised as "Queen of Plastics" and is very delighted by the processors.
    The term "acrylic" is used for products that contain a substance derived from acrylic acid or a related compound. Most often, it is used to describe a clear, Transparent Colored Plastic Sheets glass-like plastic known as poly(methyl) methacrylate (PMMA). PMMA, also called acrylic glass, has properties that make it a better choice for many products that might otherwise be made of glass.

    The advantages of acrylic sheet :

    • 1 .Excellent Transparency

    • The light transmission of the clear acrylic can reach 92% .

    • 2. Excellent Weather resistance

    • High adaptability to natural environment, even for a long time in the sunlight, wind blowing and rain will not change the performance, anti-aging performance is good, you can also feel at easy to use in the outdoor

    • 3. Good Processing Performance

    • Both suitable for mechanical processing and heat forming

    • 4. Excellent Comprehensive Performance

    • Acrylic has wide varieties ,rich colors, and has extremely excellent comprehensive performance, provides a variety of choices for designers, acrylic can be dyed, the surface can be painted, silk screen or vacuum coating
    • Frosted cast acrylic is a versatile, hardwearing plastic sheet available suitable for many applications such as shed or greenhouse windows, splashbacks and tabletops. Our clear acrylic sheets are produced to a high sheen and are scratch and impact resistant. Lightweight and hardwearing, cast the plastic sheets are perfect for retail too, for use from signs and picture frames to display stands and mounts. The plastic has a number of unique properties including outstanding optical clarity, it is UV and weather resistant, meaning that it is perfect for use inside or outdoors, in the home, office or retail. Thanks to its high impact resistance it is perfect for use where children and pets play, meaning that it is far more practical than glass in many applications.


    Packing :





    • What is acrylic?
    • Acrylic Perspex is manufactured in a large range of colours and finishes. Clear acrylics also known as perspex are by far the most popular.A huge range of colours and tints are also available.
    • Acrylic is manufactured in the following types: 1)Extruded 2)Casting 3)Impact modified The main advantages include:
    • 1)excellent weather resistance,unaffected by sun or salt spray temperature range of -30 to 160° degree F for continuous service.
    • 2)Highly transparent sheet with a light transmission of 92%
    • 3)Higher impact strength than glass
    • 4)Excellent surface finish Easy to machine, fabricate and thermoform
    • 5)Good resistance to dilute acids and alkalis
    • 6)Half the weight of glass Impact resistant
    • 7)Unaffected by sun or salt spray Temperature range of -30 to 160° F for continuous service
    • 8)Good outdoor weathering
    • 9)Fully recyclable Excellent surface hardness and durability
    • 10)Food gradable Easy to clean and maintain

    • How to clean acrylic products?
    • Acrylics are best cleaned using a soft cloth with fresh water to which a little detergent has been added.Under no circumstances should methylated spirits nor solvent be used.Proprietary cleaning solutions should only be used if they are known to be compatible with acrylic sheet.Abrasive cleaners of any kind should never be used.



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