alusign slotting methods

Alusign aluminium composite panel can be easily shaped into various shapes such as curve, curve corner, routing, grooving, punching, according to requirements of the building design which will make building looks more beautiful.

Alusign aluminum composite panel

Direct flanging is not allowed in the forming process of aluminum plastic panel.Before the bending, preparations must be made before grooving and hemming. Only professional aluminum composite panel manufacturers know how to slot the aluminum composite panel. Next, Aluminobond aluminum composite panel will give you a brief introduction of aluminum plastic panel grooving precautions:

The groove depth must be strictly controlled that plastic core material is 0.3mm thick at least after the front aluminum panel,so as to ensure the aluminum plastic plate has enough toughness and prevent the aluminum skin at the flanging point from breaking.

The grooving of aluminum plastic panel must be done on special machinery equipment,In the process of processing, the back of the aluminum plastic plate should be lined with a flat pad to ensure the planeness of the aluminum plastic plate processed in the slot.In the process of grooving, the panel must be fixed and the groove saw must be moved to ensure the size and the straightness of the groove.

Alusign Wooden Aluminum Composite Panel









The tool of the machine tool is a special metal panel slotting tool. The speed of the processing equipment shall not be less than 3000 rpm, and the processing speed shall not be higher than 5 meters/minute.The movement of the saw must be driven by the linear guide rail, and the movement of the saw must be stable.

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