Aluminum Composite Panels Stripping

Aluminum Composite Panels Stripping


Aluminium composite panel is a new product with high technical content, so there is a certain technical difficulty in the quality control of aluminium composite panel. The primary factors affecting the 180º peeling strength of aluminium composite panels are as follows:


1.Aluminium foil quality problem

This is a relatively hidden problem, which has been reflected in the quality of aluminium composite panels. The reasons for this problem are mainly in two aspects: on the one hand, the heat treatment of aluminium, on the other hand, the quality control of recycled aluminium is not strict. This requires aluminium composite panel manufacturers to strictly control the quality of aluminium to ensure that the quality of aluminium avoids problems.

2.Pretreatment of aluminium panels

The composite quality of aluminium composite panels is directly related to the purification of aluminium panel and the quality of chemical layer. The aluminium panels need to be cleaned to remove the oil, impurities and so on, so that the polymer film is well bonded. Because some manufacturers do not control the pre-treatment process, affect the cleaning quality or use it without any pretreatment. As a result, the composite quality is poor, and the 180°peel ing strength is low or unstable.

3.Selection of core material

PE and polymer film has the best bonding effect, and the rice is moderate, in addition, PE is non-toxic and easy to process, so the core material can be selected as PE. Some manufacturers select PVC in order to reduce cost, or choose PE recycled materials or PE raw materials mixed with the leftover material. Because of the difference in the type of PE, the degree of ageing, etc, the composite temperature is different, and the final surface is unstable.

aluminum composite panel

4.Selection of polymer membranes

The polymer film is the main factor affecting the quality of composite. The polymer film has two sides, one side is bonded to the metal, the other side is bonded to PE, and the middle layer is a PE substrate, and the properties on both sides are completely different. The prices of the materials on both sides are very different. Some manufacturers use PE fusion materials instead of polymer membranes. The polymer film has directionality, and the front and back sides cannot be replaced. It is self-solving, and incomplete melting leads to pseudo-composite of aluminium composite panels. Over time, the intensity will be reduced due to the weathering effect, and the aluminium composite panel will be bubbling or opening.