Aluminum veneers and aluminum composite panels are metal curtain wall materials that have been used for decades,they have made a significant contribution to our production and life. The using of aluminum veneers was the earliest, and it was widely recognized and welcomed by consumers. However, in the 1960s and 1970s, aluminum composite panels appeared and occupied a part of the global market quickly.

aluminum composite panels

Although The color of the aluminum veneer can be selected arbitrarily , and the color of the aluminum composite panel is limited.
Although the service life of the aluminum veneer is far exceeds the aluminum composite panel,
Although the wind pressure and deformation resistance of the aluminum veneer is better than that of the aluminum composite panel.
Although the construction of aluminum veneer is much easier than aluminum composite panel, and the cost of aluminum veneer is lower than aluminum composite panel.

At the same time, aluminum veneer is easy to recycle without polluting the environment and aluminum composite panel will generate toxic gases once burning up, which will cause air pollution.

aluminum composite panels

According to the analysis above, the aluminum veneer is better than the aluminum composite cladding. However, according to some expert, choosing between this two products should not only from its performance, but also depends on factors such as the market and price. Among the current decorative materials, it is unlikely that the aluminum veneer will replace the acp composite panel.

First of all, the price of acp sheet is tens of dollars per square, while the price of aluminum veneer is several times that of acm panel. Few customers can afford this high price.

Secondly, aluminum composite panels can be purchased everywhere in the market. As for the aluminum veneer , because of the complicated manufacturing process, long waiting time which is not for the customers who are urgently used.

Lastly, the aluminum veneer can not achieve on-site cutting, and the requirement of construction accuracy is high, while the aluminum composite panel. is the opposite, which will not cause rework and Will not increase the cost, so aluminum composite panel is favored by many customers.