aluminum composite panel

Aluminum Composite Panel Ceiling Installation


1. As we all know the wood keel material is needed when installing a ceiling. So first of all it is necessary to check the quality of the wood keel material. I want to remind everyone here, We should focus on checking the straightness of the boom when checking the quality. Because the straight wood keel material is more evenly stressed, and pay attention to the distance of the wood keel material, it should not be greater than 500mm.

aluminum composite panel

Of course, if the environment is damp, then the spacing between the keels needs to be appropriately reduced. There is also need to check whether the surface under the keel is smooth and not falling, the connection of the main parts is tight and so on, etc., and these are confirmed to be qualified before starting the subsequent installation

2. When cutting the aluminum composite panel, it must be cut along the cutting line to ensure that the edge of the cutting board is straight and square, and there will be no defects such as missing corners and corners.

3. When the installation work is carried out until the planking is fixed, remember to ensure that the enveloping edge of the acm panel and the supported keel are in a state of being perpendicular to each other, and ensure there is a suspension phenomenon.

4. Try to keep them close to each other when the aluminum composite material are docked, but avoid strong pressure in place. It is recommended to start from one corner or the middle row of the ceiling space, not at the same time. In addition, the seams of each aluminum composite sheet should be straight, wide and narrow, and there should be no staggering.

aluminum composite panel

5. As for thr aluminum composite panel joints, in addition to close, we should pay attention to the seams , the seams should be staggered, do not let the seams on both sides of the wall fall on the same keel. When a double-layer board is used, the slit of the second layer cannot fall on the same vertical keel with the seam of the first layer, and the double-layer plasterboard should be spliced by mistake.

The above is about the introduction and answer of the acp composite panel ceiling installation process, I hope that this information can help everyone. For other forms of aluminum composite panel installation process, the ceiling installation process is still similar to the general consideration.

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