Cleaning of Aluminum Composite Panel Protective Film


Today we will introduce the tips for the removal of aluminum composite panel protective film. Hope this tips will be helpful for you.The protective film are most afraid of hot rubbing and high temperatures, so grab the weak points and wash them off easily. Here are a few different ways to deal with it:

aluminum composite panel

1.If the protective filmis only take a small area, we just need to using eraser to remove it directly, but make sure that the rubber is clean, so that it will not stain the glass.

2.If it is a large area of adhesive, We need to wipe it with a clean soft cloth after using the eraser, rubbish or alcohol, and wipe it off easily.

3.There is a method which is relatively slow, but the is also very useful, that is to use a clean towel or soft cloth to lick warm water or hot water (the principle is that the glue will heat up), and repeatedly rub more at the glue. Several times, the purpose is to soften the adhesive, then wipe the soapy liquid (or washing powder, detergent) and wipe it repeatedly at the glue; finally wipe the soap with a warm towel, so that the glass Not only clean but also bright.

4. In addition, some adhesive scavengers can be purchased on the market. They are usually available in car beauty shops, where you can wash them. Buy something called “tar, asphalt cleaner”, spray bottle, you can wash off the protective film.

(Supplement: xylene wiping can also remove the sticker)

Above is the method for removing the aluminum composite panel protective film.

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