This article will talk about the bonding method of aluminum composite panel that manufacturers commonly used.

Due to the excellent performance and high visual effect of Alusign aluminum plastic board, Alusign aluminum plastic composite board is widely used in exterior wall, inner wall, pillar, ceiling board and various indicators.

Generally speaking, there are two ways for aluminum coposite panel manufacturers to paste Alusign’s aluminum coposite panel: one is to use 3MVHB tape, the other is to use all-purpose adhesive.Using 3MVHB tape, the aluminum composite panel is pasted by contact of point pieces, and the aluminum plastic plate is pasted by surface contact with all-purpose glue.These two methods of pasting and installing Alusign aluminum composite plates are commonly used for interior decoration construction.

Method of using 3MHVB to paste aluminium composite panels: 3MVHB tape is a new product, it can replace screw, rivet and other assembly methods, and construction is convenient and fast.The tape is usually pasted on clean, dry and smooth surfaces such as aluminum alloy and glass.So clean the surface with detergent before applying the tape, remove the protective film from the VHB tape. Stick the tape on the surface of the aluminum composite panel, and then place it on the wall or cylinder properly . Remove the protective film on the other side of the tape., and finally the aluminum composite panel is located on the mounting surface.

Brushed Aluminum Composite Panel

Method of using all-purpose adhesive to paste aluminum composite panels:Paste the aluminum composite board with all-purpose adhesive, firstly making the basic plane by using a thick wood plywood , then the positioning line is popped up on the aluminum composite panel and the wooden basic plane first.Then apply the all-purpose adhesive on both surfaces. The aluminum composite panel can be attached to the wooden basic plane according to the positioning line after 3-5 minutes, then pat and pressurize the surface of aluminium composite panel.