Alusign aluminum-plastic board has high quality properties such as light weight, beautiful appearance, waterproof, strong weatherability, and easy processing. It has been widely used in various fields such as construction, cabinet decoration, door head decoration, etc.

The production process of Alusign aluminum panel has the following procedures: ingredients — cutting — planing — cutting Angle — bending — forming plate — reinforcing — reinspection.

Ingredients: Select the data model, specification and color according to the order received by the factory, and then transport to the cutting machine before cutting.
Cutting: The direction should be accurate when cutting . At the end of the cutting, check to see if it is in accordance with the specifications. Then the plate should be placed gently in the clean channel to clean to prevent the plate surface from being damaged.
Planing groove: when planing, it is important to pay attention to the processing of the single diagram for re-analysis, confirmation and finalization.

Cutting Angle: Punching on the angle grinder, the cutting Angle is not allowed to exceed the center line of the groove.
Bend: Be careful not to repeat the bending, bending twice more to prevent fatigue damage.
Group boards and reinforcements: It should be noted that the panel process cannot damage panel finish.
Reinspection: Conduct reinspection of the finished aluminum plastic board to prevent the defective products from leaving the factory.

Alusign is specialized manufacturer of aluminum composite panels in China. It’s located in Taixing City, Jiangsu Province, 150km away from Shanghai. With over ten years’ efforts, our company was widely recognized in aluminum composite panels industry.  Alusign was granted “ISO 9000 Quality Management System Certification”, “Occupational Health and Safety OHSAS18001”, “ISO 14000 Environment Management Certification”and “Social Responsibility BSCI International Certification”.